How to choose the right men’s shirt

What should be considered when choosing such an important item of clothing for men as men’s shirts?

Price and quality

The price range is a purely individual matter. It’s good when you find the best price-quality ratio. But if we talk about a quality shirt, then you can see it, as they say “from afar”. Accordingly, the price will be much higher. However, this is quite justified. After all, it does not deform, does not fade and will last longer.

What distinguishes a quality

composition – 100% cotton;
high-quality fabric, the shirt does not wrinkle;
a high collar that retains its shape, even if the top button is unbuttoned;
do not get out from under the pants;
neat seams;
expensive accessories;
correct cut of sleeves and cuffs, complemented by special pleats.
How to choose a shirt for a suit
This question comes up quite often. The most proven way is to wear a white shirt. Classic white color will add solemnity and match any costume. In this way, you can safely go to negotiations with a partner – you are guaranteed success!

If you like multi-colored shades, remember one rule; the shirt should be lighter than the suit, and the tie darker than the shirt. Business style allows for a strip, or a check.

Well-known brands like Eterna, Olymp, Seidensticker offer shirts of any style. They can be loose cut and fitted. They can be used under a suit, or with jeans, pullovers (if this does not contradict the dress code).

Where can I buy

The rhythms of modern life leave almost no time for traditional shopping.

And when the need arises, we increasingly turn to online stores. It does not take much time, it is possible to check the manufacturer and arrange home delivery. And besides, here you will find all the colors and, what is important, the required sizes. It is not difficult to do this, as a size table is offered to help. With its help, you cannot go wrong and will find what you need.

The online store will help you choose the right style among a large assortment of high-quality, stylish men’s shirts that will delight you for a long time.